Best Architecture Blogs

Are you a fan of the built environment? Would you like to see what architects are talking about, what's at the forefront of architectural news around town and around the world? Here's a list of our five favorite architecture blogs.

1. Life of An Architect - Our colleague Bob Borson who works for Michael Malone Architects in Dallas creates blogs are always candid, honest and insightful.

2. Daily Dose of Architecture - Out of NYC, Daily Dose takes a critical look at cutting edge architecture being built around the world.

3. Coffee with an Architect - Nicely organized and diverse in subject matter, architect Jody Brown may not post every day but when he does he has fun with it. Always entertaining.

4. Studio MM - Architect Marcia McKeel, another NYC architect, has a pleasing modern aesthetic and it's interesting to hear what occupies her time. Check out her videos, they're cool.

5. Austin Cubed - A former client of ours (see Mace Residence on E5A's homepage), Robert Mace is a hydrologist by profession but he also really knows a lot about architecture. We joke that he knows more than we do about our profession. His blog was started to document the design and construction process for his own house but now that it's over he continues to talk about architecture, travel...and cats.

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