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Element 5 Architecture creates residential single-family, multi-family, hospitality and retail designs. We are committed to unique, aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient designs that highlight elements unique to Austin. 

Our architectural design philosophy is rooted in the natural environment of Central Texas, and our goal is to improve the livability of our city by making a noticeable contribution to the aesthetic of the Austin built environment.

We approach all of our project timelines and budgets with a high level of personal and professional accountability and transparency. We don't see the budget as a limit, but as an opportunity to be creative about how we achieve the needed solutions.  



Our differences give the firm strength. We each have a unique approach and ‘eye’ with regard to architectural design. The result is a ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ effect.” --- Drew Randall

The principals of Element 5 Architecture bring highly individual interests and specializations that combine into a distinct architectural approach. Our diversity allows us to accept commissions for a broad range of projects, from small residential designs to larger scale commercial developments. We approach each project by analyzing the environmental influences on a site and seeking a solution that meets our clients’ goals and that is aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.



Nick Mehl, AIA

Custom residential design with a modern aesthetic and a focus on environmental consciousness
 “I am excited about the ability of architecture to influence society and to offer solutions for modern day problems.”

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Jay Bolsega, AIA

Well-thought-through design, visualization and project management that meet or surpass expectations
“Architecture serves distinct purposes or functions, and at the same time has tremendous potential to positively impact our lives and experiences.”

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Drew Randall, AIA

Restaurant and hospitality design
 “I enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to and improve the built environment, and to bring about social and environmental change in our society.”

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Remodeling and Home Design
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